Directed by Ychaï Gassenbauer & Alessandra Chillaron
Camera & editing by Ychai Gassenbauer
Throughout myths and time, two lovers meet across town to pick together the fruit of the temptation or how a single cigarette can rekindle the fire of passion.
 Light My Fire- Tel Aviv was inspired by Lilith, a character from Jewish mythology representing a dark physical desire present in every being. The film tells us the story of Adam who travelled to Tel Aviv in search of a mystical experience. He comes accreoss Lilith, an opera singer with androgyn features. This person intrigues Adam, haunts him, and he sets about of following Lilith day and night, starting an emotional and physical journey that upheaves and changes both characters.
Screenings -
 Tel Aviv LGBT international film festival
LGBT festival Poland
Cinema Galeries Brussels
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